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Aragonese Castle - Ischia/Italy



Castles of Italy


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Aragonese Castle at Ischia - Photo taken by students themselves

The Aragonese castle


The Aragonese Castle, the most impressive historical monument in Ischia, stands on a volcanic rock connected to the island by a bridge built in 1438 by Alfonso of Aragon. The Castle, overlooking the vast horizon of the sea, was originally built as a castrum in 474 B.C. by Jerome of Syracuse and, after a long period during which it was abandoned, it reached its golden period during the fourteenth century. Under the Aragonese dinasty , it became a political, cultural and spiritual centre of notable interest. The Renaissance court of the noble poet Vittoria Colonna, saw the peak of the castle splendour last more than a century.

This very special ambience housed a small chic hotel and 3 independent accommodations, each with spectacular views.

The castle walls housed churches, courtyards, antique archways, terraces, gardens and arcades with outstanding views of the sea, the peninsula, the harbour of Ischia.          

Probably built on the remains of a garrison of the 5th century A.D., the tradition says it was originally a garrison  of Syracuse dictator Jerone (who gave the place its name) and that it was still called in the Middle Ages Castle Gerone. At  that time a small citadel rose around it, with houses and churches. In 1438 Alfonso I of Aragona ordered the 228-metre long bridge to be built in order to connect the island where the castle rose to the land. Under  the d’Avalos family, the castle rose to great splendour. Later historical events caused it to pass to the French, the English and finally the  Bourbons, who used it as a prison. Presently it is private property.



I.I.S. Carlo Urbani – Rome/Italy

2nd form/A

School year 2005-2006



Group Leader: Marco R.

Working group:

Marco R., Valeria M., Mattia F.


Coordinator: Prof. Noemi Lusi

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