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Odescalchi Castle - Bracciano - Rome/Italy



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Odescalchi Castle at Bracciano - picture taken by working group students themselves



Odescalchi Castle, more simply known as Castle of Bracciano, rises on the southern shore of the lake. The Odescalchi Castle is a majestic construction and it is considered one of the most beautiful feudal castles in Europe.

In 1290 it came in possession of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit of Rome such as other castles and villages in the area of Bracciano. After a short period, Bracciano was conquered by the Bretons at the time of the conflict between Pope Urbano VI and Pope Clemente VII. In 1419 the Orsini family got possession of the castle from Pope Martino V. Napoleone Orsini, was Mayor of Bracciano and belonged to one of the most important Roman families. The Orsini were often in conflict with another important Roman family: the Colonna family. These two families had control of almost the whole city of Rome and kept it constantly under a civil war.

This castle is so famous and important because it gave shelter to some of the most reknowned people of the time like Pope Sisto IV in 1481, King Umberto I in 1900, the Trittico and Pisanello.

When the power of the Orsini family declined, in 1695 the castle was sold by auction and bought by the Odescalchis, the family of Pope Innocenzo XI. In 1803 the Odescalchis sold the castle to the Torlonia family. In 1861 the castle returned to the Odescalchi family that are still nowadays the owners. This is the reason why the castle is called “Odescalchi” to give honour to the last buyers that bought it.




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I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Rome/Italy

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School year 2005/2006



Group Leader: Luca S.

Working group: Dario L. , Simone B. , Francesco V.


Coordinator: Prof. Noemi Lusi

Other views of Odescalchi Castle at Bracciano - taken by students themselves


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