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Castel Sant'Angelo - Rome - Italy





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Knight Pointing Right

Castel S. Angelo - Front view - Picture taken by working group students

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This is Castel S. Angelo and it is situated in Rome. It’s one of the most singular monuments of Rome’s panorama. It was built by Emperor Adriano (135-39), then transformed by Aureliano in a bridge on the other side of “Tiber” and it was connected to the Vatican palaces by the <<Passetto>>, only recently reopened to tourists during summer just for a few days for people to appreciate the romantic and delightful night panorama, enriched by the special touch of magic history gives. Now it’s the seat of the “National museum of Castel S. Angelo” that it’s possible to visit  everyday except

on Mondays. Castel S. Angelo it’s near the river “Tiber”. Castel Sant’ Angelo, also known as the "Mole Adriana", was not originally built for defensive purposes, but as the funeral monument of  Emperors. A new bridge which still exists as Ponte S.Angelo was built to put the monument in communication with the Campus Martius. This bridge flanks Nero’s bridge, further down-stream. It consisted of three large central arches and two inclined ramps supported by three smaller arches on the right bank and two on the left bank. Most of the structural parts of  the Mausoleum, which was incorporated into Castel S. Angelo in the  Middle Ages, have been preserved. The drum was faced  on the outside with travertino  and fluted pilaster strips. This was built following the lines of the Imperial mausoleum under Benedict IX. Further works were ordered by Alexander VI and by Julius II who had the south loggia above the Papal apartments added. At the summit is the panoramic terrace, watched over by the Angel about to fly off ,which seems to be why the building  is called as it is , for the winged messenger is said to have saved  Rome from a terrible plague at the time of  Gregory the Great. Inside the castle-fortress are the rooms of the National Militare Museum and of Art.

The actual name roots in an old legend on the bronzy 18th century angel, telling that during the dreadful pestilence of 590 an angel appeared sheathing his sword as a sign of granted grace.


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I. I. S. Carlo Urbani - Rome - Italy


2nd form/A

School year 2005/2006


Group leader: Francesca A.


Working group:

Tiziano G.

Michela G.

Angelo V.


Coordinated by Prof. Noemi Lusi


Castel S. Angelo - View of top part - Photo taken by working group students

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