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E U R O C A S T L E S !!! Castles of Europe...

Questionnaire on Castles of Italy




Lunghezza Castle near Rome

Castles of Italy

Now test yourselves on Castles of Italy

Here is the second step of your challenge!  First read the castles of Italy text and then test yourselves facing this questionnaire!
Page down for your answers... don't look first though! : )





1)Where is Castle of S. Angelo situated?


2)When was Castle of S. Angelo built ?


3)What is  another name given to the Bracciano castle?


4)When was the Lunghezza Castle built?


5)Where is the Odescalchi castle situated?


6)Who was the designer of S. Angelo castle?


7)Where is the Giulio II castle situated?


8)Who was the designer of Giulio II castle?





1)    It is situated in Rome


2)    It was built in 135/139 A. D.


3)     Another name for the Bracciano castle is Odescalchi Castle.


4)    It was built in 752 A. D.


5)    It is situated in Bracciano.


6)    The designer of S. Angelo Castle was Emperor Adriano.


7)    It is situated in Ostia Antica.


8)    The designer of Giulio II castle was Michelangelo.



Tests elaborated by

IInd form/A

School year 2005/2006


I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Sede Acilia Berlinguer - Rome/Italy


Coordinator: Prof. Noemi Lusi


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