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E U R O C A S T L E S !!! Castles of Europe...



An E-twinning activity between Italy and Slovenia


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An E-twinning activity between Italy and Slovenia

This is an interactive activity aiming at matching E.U.schools in pairs to work together on a topic. Here Italy and Slovenia have decided to twin on an exciting and inviting topic such as

C A S T L E S   O F  
E U R O P E !!!

The E-twinned schools are:

•  I.I.S. Carlo Urbani
   Slovenian Coordinator:  
   Prof. Magdalena Bobek
E-twinning is fun!! : )
So once the cooperation has started, why not ask other countries... to join in and give their contribution?

I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Rome/Italy

Oslovna Sola Pivka - Pivka/Slovenia

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